Why You Should Choose Swayam HR Consultant?

Swayam brings to you an entire gamut of professional HR solutions that support you in maximising your workforce efficiency and effectiveness. We significantly contribute towards developing your business by effectively managing your valuable human resource by adopting best HR policies and practises.

Drafting Manuals

We assist you in drafting Company's HR Manuals and Policy books that are handy for employees of the organization. HR Manuals capture organizational values, culture and practises that encourage internal corporate branding. We also help design HR policy handbooks that emphasize on company's employment practices and sets out clear regulatory norms and various statutory compliance. Based on the organizations philosophy, we seek to reinforce best human resource practices through well drafted procedure manuals that shall contribute to better management

Skill Trainings

We provide employees professional skill development training programs that encompasses basic soft skill training programs to personality development,team building programs to various strategic management skill training. Our training programs include webinars and executive coaching that are customized to suit the needs of every organization. Our professionals shall work with you to design the training program, relevant to your organizational requirement and accordingly implement them to achieve your business goals.

Dispute Resolutions

Workplace disputes are common in organizations .As professional consultants, we address the most minute conflicts occurring among employees and work towards fostering a healthy working environment. We help staff members settle their conflicts in the early stages of dispute to avoid any form of escalation and encourage harmony in the organization. Our services are designed in a way to improve relationships, increase productivity, improve employee satisfaction and most importantly prevent and deal any sort of conflicts effectively.

Handling Litigations

We render our expert legal opinions to corporate in handling litigations and providing legal solutions. We share our expertise in legal aspect of drafting, filing, arguing and writing petitions, appeals, revision, arbitration that touch upon various subject matters including Labour, employment, taxation and land acquisition. We present cases on behalf of the client before the labour courts, tribunals and authorities under various legal statute, high court and supreme court of India. Services arising under the company law on matters of amalgamation, winding-up of company, restructuring, complaints of mismanagement at all levels of court. Our professional will help drafting claim statements, counter statements, preparing briefs to advocates in high court and supreme court, study case materials, advice you on legal matters.

HR Advisory

We offer organizations of all sizes with the sole purpose of strengthening their business. Our experts provide advisory and consultation on human resources and related compliance matters for practising effective HR policies and programs across organizational verticals. As an experienced HR consultant in the industry, we support organizations by designing and implementing effective HR initiatives, reviewing employee engagement and performance, documentations, systems, practice, and accordingly prepare a report identifying the loop holes involved in the current operations. We work as your personal HR Manager, providing you all the support and advice on HR matters and assist you in running your business smoothly without any hiccups or glitches.

Leadership Mentoring

We provide a formal leadership mentoring and training program to support the first-time managers in their transition into the leadership role easily. We assist organizations in strengthening their own leadership programs by providing personal training and formal mentoring in order to strengthen their leadership succession process effortlessly.

Our professional coaching consultants work with individuals at all levels to ensure smooth transition of responsibilities and roles to individuals and encourage professional development in the organization.